Medicare Supplement Plans – Which are Best?

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Medicare Supplement Plans are outstanding coverage, but which plan is best for you? Learn exactly how to choose the best plan and how to not overpay for your coverage. Medigap plans provide excellent benefits, but that doesn’t mean you should pay any more than you need to.

Whether you’re just turning 65 and enrolling in Medicare, you’re retiring and coming off employer health insurance, or you already have one of the Medicare Supplement plans and you’re shopping for a better rate, I can help.

Medigap Plans have been my specialty for the last 5 years and I’ve helped over 2000 people with their Medigap insurance.

One of the most important things to consider when shopping for Medicare supplement plans is that every insurance carrier offers identical plans and benefits. This means a Medicare Supplement plan from one company in it’s plan letter has the exact same benefits from another company offering the same letter.

That being said, the monthly premium on these Medicare supplement plans can and does vary widely between each company! For example, a Plan F from Mutual of Omaha is identical to a Plan F offered from AARP in benefits, however the premiums between the two can be as much as or more per month. For the same Medigap Plans!

I’ve helped over 2500 people with their Medicare Supplement insurance and in this video I’ll tell you which plans are best and how to save the most money possible on your coverage. Being an independent agent I’m able to offer the same plans and benefits, at the same rate as the insurance carriers. However, I shop the rates to find you the lowest premiums so you don’t have to!

You want the best coverage, but you don’t want to pay more than you have to for it. And you know that Medicare Part A and B aren’t enough. This coverage leaves you with deductibles, co-payments, and coinsurance that you’re responsible for paying. Medicare Supplement Plans help pay most or all of these expenses. Choosing the best coverage isn’t as hard as you might think.

Don’t end up in the wrong Medicare supplement plan or get caught paying too much for your coverage. Easily learn which Medigap plans are best. I make the process easy!

To learn more about Medicare Supplement Plan F click: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j4t8d955gNA

To learn more about Medicare Supplement Plan G click: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s6UkiEZM430&feature=youtu.be

Easily learn which Medicare Supplement Plans are best for you by visiting Medisupps.com

Can You Get Life Insurance if You’re Diabetic?

Many are suffering with diabetes. Diabetes can be debilitating even if it’s managed well. It’s important to eat right, get plenty of exercise and take the medication that the doctor prescribes in order to be a part of a well managed health plan. In spite of being seriously ill, most diabetics manage to lead a full life by following their doctors advice.

Insurance companies understand that many do manage their diabetes well, for this reason, they don’t always worry about their clients dying young or becoming seriously ill. Many insurance companies do offer Life insurance to diabetics.

Anyone with this medical condition may find life insurance, the issue is, will the rates be decent and reasonable? Just as smokers and others with serious health conditions, diabetics can find life insurance, however, they’re going to have to pay a higher premium for this insurance.

If the diabetic is doing what they need to do for their health, they’re going to qualify for a more reasonable policy.

Here is what they need to be doing:

  • Lead a decent lifestyle avoiding alcohol, smoking or weight gain
  • Have no other serious health issues

For those who wish to find good rates for life insurance, they’ll  need to shop around and talk to their insurance agent about a good policy or go here for diabetic help. Insurance agents keep up on the latest trends and policies available and will be able to assist in finding a decent rate that is affordable for the coverage the person desires. In many cases, the insurance agent already has a company in mind for the person. It’s important to take care of your health and guard it well. Follow the doctors advice and keep the blood sugar under control at all times. Diabetes shouldn’t stop anyone from having a good life insurance policy, it may make it more challenging however. Call your insurance agent today and find out what they can offer you.

Why Is Life Insurance Necessary?

Most people are not very sure if they have acted wisely while considering the purchase of life insurance. People are constantly agonizing about the extra monthly expense that life insurance calls for, and wonder whether they would be better off if they saved their money for other things. This is not an advisable move to make, and could lead to a lot of disadvantages, especially in case you are the only earning member in a family.

Best Life InsuranceYou can never be very sure that you will not have to experience some tragic circumstances that can lead to an untimely death. When you have the necessary life insurance cover, your family will be benefited because they will have access to funds that can provide for their future, besides paying for the funeral and other additional expenses that are not foreseen. It is not a pleasant thought to think about one’s own death, but you definitely have to give thought to how your family will manage expenses that you have left them with, after your death. When you have a life insurance policy that can cover all these expenses, you do not have to spend time worrying about them.

An adequate policy will be one that takes care of burial and funeral expenses, but also has a sum left over, enough to help your family to get over the next year’s expenses. This gives them sufficient time to make other arrangements to find fresh sources of income.  If you feel like your agent is pushing you toward too much or too little life insurance then do a little research at Term Life Go, the best life insurance information we have seen.

Researching your Life Insurance Options

When you are considering options for life insurance, it can help to research the matter and compare the different avenues for insurance that are available to you. If you have reasonably good health and are also a non-smoker, you can go online to find a lot of very affordable options. You can always talk to insurance brokers, and they will be able to guide you to the policy that is the most suitable for you. There are policies that do not cost the earth and will be fairly affordable. This small extra amount spent every month will ensure financial security for your family in case of your untimely death.

How You Can Avoid Lambasting Life With Financial Literacy

Most people go through life feeling that life is against them, mostly because their financial lives are a mess. But when you come to really think about  it, you can avoid feeling like a victim by arming yourself with the knowledge that successful people have. We’re talking about financial literacy, or education on how you can become financially free. In this article, we’re going highlight some finance-related tips to help you get on the road to financial freedom.

If you are in debt, getting out of debt should be your priority. Remember that debt isn’t something that you can wish to magically go away. They are hard-crunched figures that you need to face and pay – FAST. Your worse enemy when it comes to debt are late payment charges and interest rate (read: compound interest). If you don’t prioritize your payments, your $100 debt can balloon to thousands of dollars  fast. This is especially true for credit card debts. 

Prioritize paying off the debt with the highest interest rate. If you’re having difficulty paying on time, talk to your creditors to work out a payment plan that won’t affect your monthly living expenses. Avoid burying yourself deeper in debt by avoiding payday loans, unless if it’s a real emergency. Most people go take out payday loans in order to maintain a lifestyle they can no longer afford to maintain. 

Getting out of debt is really just the first step towards financial freedom. Side by side with getting out of debt, you should make provisions for the future. Save money by living below your means. If you’re prone to emotional spending, become aware about what triggers you. Some women will waste money on double lattes or shop for shoes they never going to wear. 

As you can see from above, the basics of financial literacy is really simple. It’s all about getting out of debt and spending less than what you earn.

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